New Article – Application Database Security Design (Part 1 – Authentication)

In conjunction with the webinar I gave last month for MSSQLTips, I’ve started an article series on application database security design.

Read Part 1 – Authentication for SQL Server

The issue with a one hour webcast is one can’t cover a broad topic like application database security design in any depth. However, these webcasts are useful because they point out, at a high level, what to look for. It was my intent all along to do the webinar and follow up with a series of articles that cover each topic in detail. I’m not sure how many articles I’ll end up writing, as I want to make sure I cover each topic in the depth it needs while still keeping the article length manageable.

Also, if you attended the webinar in February, I want to apologize for the sound quality. The provider had an issue with the telephone audio, meaning computer audio had to be used. This, unfortunately, included the microphone. We found out at the last minute, so I didn’t have a USB headset with me. As anyone who has attended one of my in-person presentations can attest, I tend to move around a lot, especially when I don’t have a lot of demos. Therefore, with only a laptop microphone available, I would fade in and out as I naturally went through the way I present. Lesson learned. I’ll always have the USB headset as a backup from now on. If you give presentations and you don’t already have one as a fall-back, I’d suggest you grab one yourself and practice until you’re reasonably comfortable with it.