ISACA Class: Auditing SQL Server in Every Way Possible

At this year’s TechnoSecurity and Digital Forensics Conference I gave a 1 hour presentation on auditing SQL Server. There were a lot of things I covered only in the conceptual, such as building a framework using Extended Events. The SC Midlands Chapter of ISACA is giving me the opportunity to present a half-day class so we can go into more detail with practical examples of the more extended features available, such as the Audit object and Extended Events. It will be held August 27th, 2018 in Columbia, SC. If you’re interested in attending, here’s the sign up link:

Auditing SQL Server in Every Way Possible class (4 CPEs)



New at Simple-Talk: Principles of Data Protection

My latest article, Principles of Data Protection, has been published at Simple-Talk! I address the basic problem and how we have to realize that technology alone can’t solve the issue (and why). I then delve into what we can do from a SQL Server perspective.

I’m published at Simple-Talk!

My first article has gone live at Simple-Talk! Thanks to Aunt Kathi for the opportunity!

Detecting Data Breaches

I’m also still writing at MSSQLTips. I’m currently writing a series covering DMOs. The latest is on sys.dm_exec_sessions.

New Article: Return SQL Server Connections Information Using sys.dm_exec_connections

I’ve started a new series at walking through the various Dynamic Management Objects we have available to us in SQL Server. A couple of encounters with some folks in recent months showed a need as more than one person responsible for managing SQL Servers didn’t know about these helpful telemetry resources.

This first one is targeting the logical starting points: connections into SQL Server. The link to the article is here:

Return SQL Server Connections Information Using sys.dm_exec_connections

Speaking at Idera’s Live Virtual Conference

Have you heard about Idera’s Live Virtual Conference? It is being held on May 16, from 9 AM to 3 PM Central Time. The conference is completely free to attend.

I’m speaking on SQL Server security basics. Where do you start? What should you definitely do? Where do you go from there? Other speakers for the conference include Tracy Boggiano, Stan Geiger, Ron Huizenga, Kendra Little, and Bert Scalzo in their fields of expertise.

You will need to register to attend:

2018 Idera Live Virtual Conference Registration Link

I hope you’ll be able to attend this free training for the SQL Server Community.

Webinar: Auditing with Extended Events

I’m giving a webinar today, April 5th, at 3 PM Eastern, on using Extended Events to audit your SQL Servers. I’ll be covering the basics of why you should migrate from Profiler to Extended Events, what Extended Events are and how they are structured, as well as some initial use cases for you to try out and explore further. On a related note, we’ll also look quickly at how SQL Server uses Extended Events for Audit objects. If you’re interested in attending:

Register for the free webinar

Webinar: Identify and Eliminate SQL Server Performance Issues

I’m giving a webinar tomorrow, March 22, 2018, at 3 PM Eastern.

Free Registration Link

Here’s what I’ll be covering:

Are you struggling with pesky SQL Server performance issues that are impacting your business? Are you not sure where to turn next to focus your efforts to resolve the issue?

In this session we’ll look at what built-in tools are available through SQL Server and the OS. We’ll consider both performance and security auditing. We’ll also investigate built-in options to manage multiple servers to ease the workload. Finally, we’ll discuss how to report on the metrics and information we have gathered. We’ll conclude on alerting and notifications to keep you in the loop when something goes outside of your desired thresholds.

In this session you will learn about:

  • How to start monitoring SQL Server
  • Key scripts for SQL Server Performance Monitoring
  • Best Practices to address both SQL Server and Windows issues
  • Proactive alerting to minimize the issues to the business

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