CISA Accredited Trainer!

My certification came in! I’m now accredited to provide training for the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification.

It’s not the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) accreditation I once had as a career goal, but I’m happy to have achieved it. If you’re in the South Carolina Midlands area and are looking to certify as a CISA, keep your ears open. We should be offering a class sometime soon.

ISACA Individual Chapter CISA Trainer Accreditation

ISACA is the professional organization for security, audit, and assurance professionals. There are local chapters, just like with PASS. Here in South Carolina we have the South Carolina Midlands Chapter. ISACA requires its local chapters to carry accredited trainers. I have just completed that accreditation process and now an individual chapter CISA trainer. CISA stands for Certified Information Systems Auditor. Basically, it means ISACA recognized me as qualified to train those preparing for the CISA certification.

The accreditation process is similar to other trainer certifications. It basically consisted of three parts:

  1. Submission of application and relevant experience.
  2. Interview to determine knowledge and capability.
  3. Recorded footage of teaching that is reviewed for competency.

It takes a bit of time, especially getting the recording done and submitted. However, I’m through the process and should be doing more training in this arena in the future.

Speaking Again at the Techno Security and Digital Forensics Conference

I’ve once again been selected to speak at the Techno Security and Digital Forensics Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC, this year. I’m on the calendar for Wednesday, speaking again on SQL Server primarily. It’s one of the conferences I try to attend annually and I’ve been able to speak several times at it, including this year.

It’s an ideal conference to pair with a vacation because it’s held in Myrtle Beach in June. This year the dates are June 2-5, 2019. The audience is primarily auditors, security professionals, investigators, and law enforcement personnel, so it’s a different base than traditional Microsoft conferences. That’s a good thing, because I find that I learn a lot from this different audience. If you decide to head out to Techno Security, drop me a line. I’m usually there throughout the whole conference.