Audit Webinar Tomorrow (4 September 2014)

I will be given a webinar on how to audit SQL Server through

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The abstract:

Don’t become a statistic. With the numerous data breaches and internal data theft, securing your SQL Server environment can help keep your company out of the news. Unfortunately, a single SQL Server configuration, coding technique or operational practice in your environment can put you at risk. Now is the time to be proactive for your own peace of mind or prepare for your organization’s next formal SQL Server audit. This session will provide key scripts and reports to build your SQL Server auditing checklist.

In this session you will learn about the following topics:

  • Permissions – Elevated permissions for logins at the instance and database level
  • Logins – Creation and modification of logins as well as failed login attempts
  • Operations – Out of cycle backups, phantom SQL Server Agent Jobs and changes to standard operating procedures that should raise the red flag
  • Configurations – Whether it is xp_cmdshell, Linked Servers or password policy changes, these need to be recorded
  • Code Changes – Code changes sneaking into production would never happen, so be able to prove it
  • Data Auditing – With awareness for confidential data rising, report on who accessed and when