Same Webcast, New Name: Introduction to Auditing Features in SQL Server

I’m giving another webcast through This one is on May 9, 2019, at 3 PM EDT. It’s called Introduction to Auditing Features in SQL Server. We renamed it to reflect the “this is how you get started” nature of the content. You can register here:

Webcast Registration Link (free)

Here’s a description of the talk:

SQL Server has many options to monitor activity. However, like any solid performing relational database management system (RDBMS), SQL Server only turns on the bare necessities by default for performance sake. In this webinar we’ll look at what we get out of the box after an install. We’ll talk about what information is captured as well as what’s missing. Then we’ll look at what other options you can activate with your SQL Servers to include additional auditing in order to meet your business needs. As we consider those additional options, we’ll also briefly discuss what the implications are for turning on those features, whether it’s the amount of information to sift through or the potential for a noticeable performance impact.

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