Midlands PASS – Next Meeting and Summit Discount Code

Midlands PASS is an official PASS chapter located in Columbia, SC, USA. Here’s an update about our schedule, as well as the PASS discount code.

No May or June meetings:
We are not having meetings for May or June. I was not able to line up a speaker for the May meeting and I will be out of town in June.
Our next scheduled meeting is July 2, 2019. As soon as I have a speaker lined up, I will email the meeting information.
2019 PASS Summit Discount Code:
If you’re interested in attending the PASS Summit this year, PASS has given us a local group discount code:
This will take $150 off of your registration. In addition, it provides money to the chapter. For each first time attendee who uses this code, the chapter will receive $50. For those who have been to the Summit before, we’ll receive $25. Either way, that takes a chunk out of the food costs for each meeting. Therefore, if you’re going to go, please use the discount code for your and our chapter’s benefit!
By the way, this local group code is not exclusive to Midlands PASS members. PASS made it clear that we’re free to share this code however we want. Therefore, if your reading this and don’t have a discount code, you are able to use it. You’ll get the discount and Midlands PASS get the additional funding from PASS.

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