Speaking at the 2018 Techno Security and Digital Forensics Conference

One of my favorite conferences is held in Myrtle Beach, SC, in June. It’s a security and digital forensics conference which I try to make each year.

This year I’ve been selected as a speaker. Here is the talk I’m currently scheduled to give:

Auditing SQL Server in Every Way Possible 

Microsoft SQL Server is in just about every enterprise and government organization in the world and it is trusted to store and serve up even the most sensitive of data. As a result, Microsoft has instrumented SQL Server in such a way that you can audit just about every action a user performs, whether it’s changing data, reading data, or manipulating the structure of the data itself. In this session, we’ll show you all the places you can turn the knobs and flip the switches in order to audit what you need to and give you some tips into getting that info into downstream systems like an SIEM. We’ll also cover if a certain feature has a SQL Server version or edition restriction, so you can determine what you can do with your current technology investment.
If you’re looking for a security centric conference at a great venue during the right season, consider attending the Techno Security and Digital Security Conference in Myrtle Beach.

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