If You’re Stuck at Home for the PASS Summit

Conferences are a great place to network, to see new technologies or to see existing technologies being used in new ways, or just to get away the day-to-day work. You may love your job, but having a break to refresh and re-focus is certainly good, too. So what if you couldn’t make it out to this year’s Summit?


Definitely get on Twitter and watch the hashtags:

  • #PASSsummit
  • #SQLPass
  • #SQLFamily

There’s sure to be a lot of traffic tagged with those three hashtags along the lines of announcements, new tips and tricks, and thought-inducing points. Also, you’ll be able to interact with folks that are there in person. So while it’s not as good as a face-to-face encounter, it’s still fun and educational.


There’s a lot of options here with regards to recorded content so you can still get some personal training in at home:

Refresh and Re-focus:

Block off an hour or two or your calendar for training. Do a bit of research ahead of time to figure out what you’re going to watch.If possible, book a conference room at your work location and get away from your desk. Or grab your laptop, go to a place with good WiFi, and enjoy a presentation while you eat / relax.

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  1. andyleonarddilm
    Oct 30, 2017 @ 17:49:54

    PASSTv will be broadcasting live as well. I don’t have a link (yet) – searched but cannot find it. Follow @sqlpass on Twitter. I’m sure they’ll post a link. :{>


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