[Off-Topic] Dealing with Type 2

I had a brief conversation with Stuart Ainsworth yesterday over Facebook. In passing I mentioned that I was doing well managing blood sugar levels and he indicated he didn’t know I had been dealing with anything like that. It reminded me that I hadn’t said anything about being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes publicly. A few folks in the #SQLCommunity knew, but not a lot. So why this post?

I have found that like most things in our community, there are always folks who have been through it as well. and who are awesome supporters and encouragers. This time around it has been Kevin Kline, our Kevin Kline and not the actor (though the actor’s son has type 1). There are also encouragers who have been through or are dealing with something similar, like Mike Walsh. 

Also, I have seen a couple of folks talking on social media about watching carbs and the like and trying to avoid sliding into type 2. So this is a simple post to remind folks that our community is really awesome about supporting each other beyond SQL Server and technology. So definitely reach out. Someone has been where you are. 

For those who might be wondering how I’m doing, I’ve been diligent. When I was diagnosed, my A1C was 9.3. Since this my numbers have been 5.6, 5.2, and 5.2. That’s in the non-diabetic range for blood sugar level. However, it’s in that range because I am on Metformin, I watch what I eat, I have a plan for situations when I can’t control the meal or the timing, and I am more regular about my exercise. If I went back to my old habits, I’m sure I’d be up in the diabetic range again. 

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