Speaking at Syntax Code and Craft Conference 2017

On May 18, 2017, I’ll be giving a talk at the Syntax Code and Craft Conference in Charleston, SC. If you haven’t heard of this conference, it’s a 2-day affair primarily focused on developers. Here is my talk:



An app is a failure if it performs poorly despite a great UI. With applications relying on a database back-end, poorly written queries can wreck an otherwise outstanding application. This talk focuses on understanding how Microsoft SQL Server processes queries and what to look for to avoid poor performance.

Users want speed. Beautiful screens and an excellent user design experience are meaningless if a user has to wait too long to get the data. So what does it take to make queries scream in SQL Server? How do you get the data back faster? In this presentation we’ll look at the core rules and ideas for building well performing queries which you should be incorporating into your data design. We’ll consider the impact of non-SARGable predicates (WHERE clauses) and how this causes Row-By-Agonizing-Row table access and slow data retrievable. Throughout all of this we’ll be looking at execution plans and pick apart what they tell us in order to make the adjustments we need for better user satisfaction.


Since it is a physical conference, you can register to attend for one or both days. Here’s the registration link for the conference. Hope to see you there!

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