Speaking at 24 Hours of PASS

On May 3, 2017, at 2 PM EDT (6 PM GMT) I’ll be speaking as part of the 24 Hours of PASS. Here’s what I’ll be speaking on:


Protecting Data Across the Environment

You are responsible for protecting data within your organization. Wary of how attackers have become craftier and more persistent, you know that the old ways of just looking within the database are not enough. After all, data is stored in more places than the database. In order to properly protect your organization’s data, you need to look at everywhere important data is stored. You also have to consider how that data is transmitted. In this presentation, we’ll cover the typical locations adversaries look for in order to steal data. We’ll walk through each type of storage as well as the transfer mediums which link our storage locations together. We’ll consider the traditional weaknesses and how you can shore them up to protect your data. We’ll also discuss areas we don’t have good answers for as of yet and the types of attacks and risks we have because of them.


You can see the full schedule and register for the sessions you want to view here.

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