Upcoming Webinar: Top Down SQL Server Security

On Thursday, May 12, 2016, I’ll be presenting a webinar on top down SQL Server Security. You can find the webinar info here. This is a new presentation I’ve put together, looking at how to build a security architecture in SQL Server around a new application or system. Here’s the abstract:

Security, when possible, should follow the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid! The more unnecessarily complex security is, the more likely for a weakness or vulnerability to work its way in. Therefore, it’s best to start looking at security from the top down. Going the other direction tends to leave us overwhelmed in the details. 
In this presentation, we’ll look at SQL Server security from the top down. We’ll consider particular scenarios that come up often in deployed systems and talk through how to implement security using the various options we have available: Windows users and groups, SQL Server logins, server and database roles, and object-level permissions. By covering these examples from a top-down perspective, we’ll be able to delineate our security goals and work towards the best way to implement them. Our scenarios will include examples from 3rd party application deployments as well as home grown solutions.

If you’re interested, the webinar will be held at 3 PM EDT. You can sign-up to view the webinar for free.


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