Presenting on Top SQL Server Vulnerabilities

On February 19th, 2014, I’ll be giving a webinar from 3-4 PM Eastern on the Top SQL Server Vulnerabilities. You can register here for it.

It is being provided by and GreenSQL. Here’s what I’m covering:

Your goal is to have a secure SQL Server installation. However, you don’t have forever to get the job done. Nor do you have an infinite amount of time and resources to monitor the installation after it’s in production.

  • What are the biggest things to focus on?
  • What will be your most painful headaches going forward?
  • What should you be watching for to detect a potential compromise?

In this webinar, I’ll answer these questions so you can quickly and effectively configure and test your SQL Server for optimal security. We will also give you a glimpse into GreenSQL’s offerings to secure your SQL Servers. For those on a tight budget, scripts will be provided and free tools referenced.


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