Boorish Behavior? No, Worse. Death Threats Against Developers/Designers.

I know DBAs and developers have a rocky relationship. However, I don’t believe we go as far as some of the fanatics in the gaming space. A friend of mine linked to this article:

BioWare writer quits after death threats to family

This isn’t the first occurrence, as the article reminds us of another incident just a month ago. Death threats? If this kind of stuff keeps up, we will see a mass exodus of top-notch developers and designers leave these communities. Building is cool, but not when you’ve got to put up with death threats.

And the thing that really caught my attention? This:

 “‘I was shown a sample of the forum posts by EA security,’ says Hepler ‘And it included graphic threats to kill my children on their way out of school to show them that they should have been aborted at birth rather than have to have me as a mother.’”

The fact that EA security is going through forums looking for this kind of thing says this isn’t a marginal occurrence or a trivial matter. If you game with folks who exhibit this kind of behavior, take a stand. This kind of stuff has got to stop.


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